Black African territory

An integrated approach to Black African territory was a transversal consultancy for the NGO Alianza por la Solidaridad in the context of an academic collaboration with the ICHab (Institute of Cooperation and Basic Habitability).

This guide is a methodological tool to analyze, diagnose and propose adaptive strategies in Spatial Planning. The purpose of the guide is to provide an integrated approach to planning and frame the potential activities of the different actors within defined territorial strategies for a territory, considering all aspects simultaneously.

We consider multiescalar territorial planning is the best tool to prevent and act upon the root causes and not only the effects of many problems, providing a good basis to implement concrete cooperation projects in a territory.

Based on the traditional phases of Spatial Planning- analysis, diagnosis, proposal- three associated tools are offered: a comprehensive and systematic index that signifies every key aspect, a wheel-shaped diagram working as a graphical tool that allows to represent and display every problem and the following proposed strategies simultaneously, and an orientative card developing criteria and recommendations for each aspect.

An effort has been made to adjust the terms and concepts to the social, cultural, environmental and economic reality of the territories of South Saharian Africa.

In collaboration with Maite Morgado Collados, Carlos Puentes Ramiro and José Luis Toro Hernández