Barrio Árbol

Barrio Árbol is a research project on how the implementation of the ideas from ‘Recooperation‘ would reshape the Orba neighborhood. Centered on the housing scale, the project develops in spatial terms how the community-based sharing system and the application of certain spatial strategies and interventions could transform the existing houses so that they become more flexible and adaptable for the diversity of inhabitants.

A tree-structured system of shared spaces is introduced around the new staircase of a 20-apartment community-managed building. Households are able to exchange space, time and goods, offering what they don’t use and obtaining in return what they need. It is about connecting all the identified existing resources and making them work together.

A range of architectural interventions – cut, connect, cover, furnish, plant, acclimate- different in terms of materials involved, requirements and timing are developed separately into the detail scale, making it possible to carry them out -jointly or not- by any of the inhabitants and in any of the spaces of the neighborhood.

Architecture should not be a finished product for passive consumers but a process for active users adapted to their needs and wishes.