Bitácora compartida

We were invited to participate in the third week of the Official Master in Architecture of the University of Alicante as “experts in process representation and making diverse disciplines work together in a comprehensive manner”. During three days, we worked hand by hand with the students producing the tools to record their different learning itineraries through the course, by the end of which a final master’s project should be produced. Collectively designed and built by the students, these tools are meant to provide a frame in which they can not only display their work in progress but also share and exchange references and ideas.

A collective ‘log book panel’ was proposed as a support to record the progress of each of the projects in 12 proposed categories. Inspired in ‘Asterix’s 12 tasks’, each project must react and take a clear position on each of the categories: technology, sustainability, spatial cuality, aesthetic quality, economy, contextualization, programme, replicability, flexibility, participation, hybridization and management.

All the necessary elements -in plastic, cardboard or MDF panel- were produced in the Fab Lab Alicante, the digital fabrication workshop of the university, who also helped developing a digital version of the panel. The hashtag #maaalc was defined to automatically introduce content into this digital log book, creating at the same time a timeline in twitter.

The design, dynamization and visual recording of the workshop was carried out by our team, as well as the sharing of our experiences and projects with the students.