Urban Workshop in Amiens

A Creativity Workshop (Atelier de co-creativité ) took place in the city of Amiens organized by the Municipality to work on ideas for the new Urban Innovation Plan for the city. Local technicians, urban planners and architects, directors of diverse institutions, artists and inhabitants took part on the event. A looped path around the city and five key sites were selected to work on their urban and architectonic possibilities, not only in terms of spatial interventions but also in terms of use, connections, management, funding… the outcomes of this work should be useful to set the basis for future public competitions regarding this sites.

Our work for Amiens Metrópole consisted on supporting this project in all its graphic aspects. In collaboration with Villes-Innovations, we prepared the dynamics and program of the workshop and all the necessary graphic materials -plans and drawings of the selected sites. Following our CPH methodology during the event we worked on three fronts: the dynamization of the workshop, the graphic facilitation (helping the different groups of participants to develop and express their ideas in graphic terms) and a real-time drawing and projection as graphic recorders of the event with drawings, pictures and video.

All the graphic material that resulted from the workshop was translated and disposed in a graphic dossier and in a short video that expressed not only the intensity and dynamics of a hard day’s work but most importantly the resulting ideas and scenarios that the participants had come up with regarding the selected sites.