Fuencarral a un paso

This project outlines a strategy for Integrated Urban Regeneration in ‘El Poblado Dirigido de Fuencarral’, promoting a participatory process with the intent to identify opportunities for improvement and jointly decide priority interventions.

Based on the analysis of the neighborhood (accessibility, everyday equipments, local shops, housing conditions) a new Plan is proposed in phases. This plan, understood as a process rather than a project, would count on a technical mediation team for a rigorous participatory diagnosis. It is about creating the right framework to respond to a multi-scale and transdisciplinary management strategy.

Four keys for improvement are considered: proximity, diversity, autonomy and vitality. These keys allow forward examples of urban scale transformation. Three intervention strategies emerge both for housing blocks and detached houses: accessibility (elevators and ramps), bioclimatic (water, energy efficiency and materials) and flexibility (changes of use, surface extension, services)

The proposal adds value to the existing (individuals and organizations, quality of the original project) and aims to improve the life quality of the inhabitants. Architecture and urban planning can provide ideas for Fuencarral to become a essential part of the city as a place of exchange and contact. A place where you can live a good life.

In collaboration with Guillermo Ciccione, José Luis Toro, Marcos Montes and Paisaje Transversal