Living Lab Experimenta 2015

In October 2015 we organised in collaboration with Villes Innovations and La Casemate the Creativity workshop of the Living Lab in the frame of the Experimenta 2015 fair exhibiting interactive devices born from encounters between artists and scientists.

The devices were used as an inspiring departure point for the participants of the workshop, who had to work on two subjects: image display in the city and places for knowledge transfer. This reflections on the city will be useful for the City Council, which has recently implemented some innovative new policies related to this subjects like banning most kinds of advertising billboards in the city center.

Our role was to help the participants draw their ideas, understanding drawing as a tool for the collective construction of the city. While doing the graphic report in real time (see storify by Marion Sabourdy), we also worked on the graphic reinterpretation of the event in a short video made on site.

You can read more about it here.