Improvistos achieved the first prize in the Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing Competition organized by UN-Habitat. The awards were announced at the World Urban Forum in Medellin on April 11, 2014.

Recooperation is a multi-scale, holistic proposal for the Orba Neighbourhood, in the South of the Metropolitan Area of Valencia, Spain.

The restoration of the continuity of natural ecosystems, converting the neighbourhood into a landscape-connector node, constitutes the framework for the upgrading changes to be introduced in the built environment.

You can see the plates and the presentation at

The project led us to work in collaboration with some neighbourhood associations and other local agents to boost a participatory process. You can find more about it in this posts: Propuesta de revitalización urbana del barrio Orba, Reunión en Alfafar

In addition, Recooperation is the base for a further research on housing and urban regeneration. The Barrio Arbol project is one of its results.