Upgrading Mhamid

A neighborhood upgrading proposal in the town of New Mhamid, south of Morocco, based on the reinterpretation of the oasis habitat elements.

We can see some examples of the current state of the town: severe desert encroachment, precarious latrines in the street and the deteriorated constructions in cinderblocks.

The consolidation and improvement of habitability is proposed to meet the requirements of minimum living conditions and cover urgent needs for shelter, public space, infrastructure and services. The square urban gardens are implemented before the clogging of urban tissue occurs so they support a controlled densification and the diversity of residential blocks may be increased elsewhere than the main street. The amenities and the affected housing units are connected through narrow side streets while an improved sewage network leads the greywater to the treatment system and feeds the palm grove on the southern edge of the settlement.

The initial proposal was formulated jointly with Rebeca Gómez-Gordo as a Development Cooperation Project in the context of a postgraduate course run by the Institute for Cooperation in Basic Habitability at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, following the request of the Terrachidia Association.