Improvistos is a creative studio that designs strategies to improve urban life on the basis of ecology and social justice.

We have conceived two methodological tools that we mobilize in all projects carried out in collaboration with actors from civil society, the public, and the private sector.


Our proposals rely on three pillars: participation (process tools), organization (management systems), and space (flexible design). Combined, they help us foster practices of holistic urban regeneration.

CPH: Creativity, Participation, Hybridization

CPH is a facilitation model applied to social change that associates creative processes with urban mediation techniques. It is a verifiable system that makes the most out of digital communication and traditional graphic tools.

We work closely with clients throughout the project and tailor our services, some of which are:

Architecture (cohousing and alternative housing solutions, new construction, refurbishment)

Urbanism (urban planning, public space design, participatory processes, landscape, activation of empty spaces, integrated urban regeneration)

Creative communication (graphic facilitation, graphic report and graphic recording, visualization, infographics, graphic design, cartography, illustration, video production and editing, motion graphics and 2D animation, digital identity, web design)

Transversal consultancy (reports and studies, EU projects and funding, qualitative analysis, design of workshops and courses, process design, management alternatives for unused spaces, technical mediation, urban pedagogy, publications, research)

Cultural management (design and production of exhibitions, promotion of seminars and training, comprehensive management of events)